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I bought a new 2612 lance toy hauler. We have a bad converter a blown fuse in the refer and the vacuume did not work. The place that I bought the trailer from has done an exelant job at replacing and helping me with those issues. Then it rained ( leaks ) I looked on the roof and what a poor job of calking. Once again the place that I bought the trailer from took care of the issue. SHOULD NOT HAVE... Read more

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In late June of this year (2015) my wife and I purchased a new Lance 1685 camper from Mattas Marine and RV. A couple of weeks after that purchase during our first trip, we were greeted with a flooded bathroom and wall cavity due to poorly installed plumbing, no heat due to a non-functional heater, intermittent refrigerator operation and incorrectly installed vinyl flooring on the slide out. ... Read more

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I own a 1992 lance squire 8000 extended cab camper. After 25 yrs I had to replace the cooling unit in the refer. I had to remove all the old sealant ( pain staking job, with heat gun and scrapers.) Then re-seal it all. People think that you can just keep using your camper / Trailer without major maintenance like re-sealing it. Truth is you have to do it about every 5 years depending on what... Read more

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Also cable coloring is not interpretive. Black is ground, white is positive. Not the other way around, never buying a lance again. Add comment

Clearveiw rv in not a *** dealer. Leo in service is top notch Add comment

Bought a brand new 2015 lance camper from the shittiest dealer clearview rv they suck & so does the camper. Never again next year it will be traded for artic fox Add comment

I have a Lance 2014 1885 RV Trailer. Major problems with slide out rollers splitting out the underneath side of my slide. Another Lance owner pointed out the problem while we we camping in Glacier Park. Now we are waiting for a resolution from Lance. Heads up to all of you with Lance RV slide recall or heads up from Lance! Read more

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I purchased a new 2014 model Lance 2185 trailer in June 2015. On our first trip to a campground with full hookups I woke up at two in the morning to find the entire cabin flooded. I turned off the water at the source (and yes I used a pressure reducer.) The next day I found the leak under the sink at the connection of the cold water to the faucet. I fixed it myself with a new band clamp... Read more

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We love to cook in our rig. The range vent is the worst noise maker ever. It doesn't exhaust smoke, orders or steam either. Any ideas? There is a fantastic over the stove but the grease goes up the wall. When we first bought the camper we had to scrub our fingers off to clean off the trail of grease and dirt. Why can't anyone make a decent range hood ex hanse fan? The light is poor too. We've had... Read more

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We bought a 2014 lance 865. It was a year old (used) when we purchased it. We had 9 plumbing leaks the first time we took it out. And yes i use the pressure regulator. Biggest one was the fresh water intake. The water tank is to big for the are its designed to fit so the water intake hose was kinked and cracked. None the less i put about 10 gallons of water into the basement of the trailer... Read more

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