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I bought a new 2015 Lance 1575. Quality Control on this trailer was non-existent. Workmanship is incredibly shoddy. Hardware fell off of the cabinets, tabs fell off of the storage door latches, "hooks" which old the storage doors open came loose, half of the dinette unit was not screwed to the slide out deck, plumbing was not connected to the toilet, Window screen/shade "position holes" (to hold the shades open at various levels) where not... Read more

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I have a 2016 Lance travel trailer Mod. 2285. During its second use, the front window (above the bed) shattered from stress. I took my unit to Tom's Camperland in Surprise, Az. 4 weeks ago for replacement of the window. I was told a replacement window did arrive but it was broken. That was at least two weeks ago. Today (6/23) I talked to Dave in their service department and they still have not received the replacement window that supposedly had... Read more

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We are having the very same issues with our Lance 1575 Anniversary Edition. Major water leaks through skylights and from front window when it rains.Had it serviced once and happened again. Absolutely zero satifaction from the company who are denying any responsibility for many manufacturers defects stating basically we are screwed as one year warranty expired .Stabilizers jacks have actually cracked through the front storage area based on very... Read more

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Very poor quality. Taking a cross country trip. Leaks, trim, bump out, jacks, door lock. TV bracket put in upside down. Draws under bench do not stay locked in travel. Etc, etc. Once they sell it to you, they forget who you are

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Bought a 2015 Lance 1575 to pull behind my my Jeep Unlimited. We made a weekend trip to Shreveport to learn it and make sure there were no issues. It rained when we left until the next morning. Water poured in the skylight in bathroom and floor flooded on other end of trailer. We have a tankless water heater but no hot water would come out of faucet. Privacy blinds would not latch and slat holding latch for storage door fell off. Almost forgot... Read more

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The Attwood furnace quit working on my first winter trip to AZ (left Denver Dec. 6). It ran ok the first few nights, then quit. My first calls to Lance and the dealer (Kettlesen Denver) got me zero help other than haul it to a dealer. Lance told me that it was not their problem, call Attwood, and I wish I would have! I spent 2 months in AZ (nights in the 30s) with a working furnace less than half the time. The local Attwood service shop tried 3... Read more

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Got a great deal at a good but not known to use dealership in Tucson, AZ. We life in Yuma, AZ and have used the camper 5-6 times already and love it. We have replaced the flooring and installed TV and Sat radio. Old little generator works every time, it all does!! Great deal would do it again. We love it and it has not had any issues. This is a 10 year old camper that looks good and fills good, good job LANCE Campers. Read more

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I bought a new 2612 lance toy hauler. We have a bad converter a blown fuse in the refer and the vacuume did not work. The place that I bought the trailer from has done an exelant job at replacing and helping me with those issues. Then it rained ( leaks ) I looked on the roof and what a poor job of calking. Once again the place that I bought the trailer from took care of the issue. SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT ISSUE. I contacted Lance just to let them... Read more

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In late June of this year (2015) my wife and I purchased a new Lance 1685 camper from Mattas Marine and RV. A couple of weeks after that purchase during our first trip, we were greeted with a flooded bathroom and wall cavity due to poorly installed plumbing, no heat due to a non-functional heater, intermittent refrigerator operation and incorrectly installed vinyl flooring on the slide out. Upon our return we contacted both Lance and Mattas.... Read more

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I own a 1992 lance squire 8000 extended cab camper. After 25 yrs I had to replace the cooling unit in the refer. I had to remove all the old sealant ( pain staking job, with heat gun and scrapers.) Then re-seal it all. People think that you can just keep using your camper / Trailer without major maintenance like re-sealing it. Truth is you have to do it about every 5 years depending on what part of the country you live in. I also have a 28.5'... Read more

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